Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mine, Your and Other English-es

I was browsing through the multi-lingual world of internet, looking for the 'correct way' of pronouncing some English language words. What 'I' (believe that I) found is the following:

Basically, there are two ways of pronouncing most English words 'correctly'. One is the way some Britons do, and other is the way some United States of America-ns do. 

Now, I would happily give leeway and polite authority to Britons, as they sort of taught the language to the 'commonwealth' and can be attributed as being the leading cause for the wide-spread use of English language today. 

Dear USA-ans - (Is it fair that there is no unique, easy to say- way of referring to citizens of USA? Even Venezuelans are Americans in a way- their continent is also America, albeit a bit 'South') - so, USA-ans lead us in all ways in our universe. And, they definitely do so, when it comes to the 'correct' way of pronouncing English words. 

In an alternate reality:

On this truly democratic (and truly biased alternate) earth:

Being more than one-third of human population, Chinese and Indian pronunciation are the two widely accepted as standard pronunciations of English language.
(I wish to clarify that this is merely a hypothetical drama/imagination to highlight the absurdity of trying to correct individual accents, instead of recognizing the amazingly diverse heritage that we are creating/have created!)

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  1. Accents are fantastic!

    & english is heavily exploited by our human pronounciation all over the world.

    This guy is a rock star with several videos submission as well as more than 15 million viewers only in two years!!